Meet Casey

I love to send cards

Lots of them – typically more than 20 cards a month!  I used to get so frustrated at having to search through all the mass-produced cards sold in stores because they never looked or said exactly what I wanted them to.  Can you relate?  So, I tapped into my creative arts background and started making my own cards, adding personalized messages with various calligraphy styles. The cards were so well received that I soon began taking orders!

I love to create one-of-a-kind gifts

Everything I create, from greeting cards to gifts, incorporates at least 2 repurposed items.  Why?  Because much of what we use can be made into something new!

Does a workshop sound like fun? Click this link to request a date to schedule a workshop for adults or students if in the Collin County, TX area.

Twice Loved™ Cards and Gifts

I call my line of greeting cards Twice Loved™ because I create them by using cards previously given/sent to someone and creating a new card!  Would you believe people from all over the U.S. and Canada have sent me thousands of their used cards over the last few years? Some of these cards are 30+ years old!

I love reading the notes tucked into the boxes that share the histories of these cherished cards.  What astounds me about this generosity is that a majority of the senders are complete strangers to me. They just happened to find my address as they did an online search for people accepting used cards for recycling or repurposing!  

I never know when another shipment will arrive on my doorstep – but I have a lot of fun going through each arrival and get many ideas for cards and other paper projects that I so enjoy creating.  I might use some of the cards to make personalized birthday cards I donate each month to residents of several nursing homes and independent living centers in my area. Or I might use them in the “green” workshops I teach to kids of all ages (from preschool to “seniors”) during which my students learn how to repurpose various paper items to create a variety of items – from greeting cards to gift boxes to bookmarks to Christmas ornaments, wall décor, or party/holiday-themed decorations. Or I might use them for the custom greeting cards and gifts I recreate to sell.  

Does a workshop sound like fun?  Click this link to request a date to schedule a Repurposed Workshop for Adults or Students!

Featured in Dallas Morning News

In 2017, Nancy Baldwin of the Dallas Morning News wrote an article featuring Earth Inspired Crafts. Sharing my vision and passion for the environment, education, and the arts. Click below to read the full article!

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To view samples of custom cards, please click this link to visit my SHOP.  If you see a card you love, send me an email with a description of it – the same applies to my “Card Bursts”, Frame-able Notepads, and Acrylic Frames with Notepads.  While I will not be able to replicate them exactly (because they’re all one-of-a-kind), I can come pretty close!

If you’re in the Collin County, TX area and would like to schedule an Eco Party Palooza, send me an email for available dates and cost.

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Thank You!

Thank you for your purchase!  Please know that a percentage of my sales is donated to programs for U.S. Veterans, the elderly, developmentally-challenged children/adults, abused/neglected children, and animal rescue shelters.  By buying my Twice Loved™ cards and gifts, we partner to keep our wondrous planet “green” while spreading love – the perfect message! (Did I mention that during EACH class, workshop, and party, I “slip in” a little education about why recycling and repurposing are so important for our environment – with 15+ years as an environmental educator, it’s my pleasure to share fun facts ‘n stats!)