August 26, 2022

Trash Talk Tuesday: Plastic Bags

written by Casey Eckert

Welcome to my first“Trash Talk Tuesday” blog here at Earth Inspired Cards, Gifts and Education!

My goal is to share environmental tips, stats, and resources every week in the hope you’d like to expand your knowledge about our fabulous earth and how we can all help take care of it!

I’m ALSO going to show you some very cool things you can make with repurposed items, many of which cannot be put in the recycling bin. *

C’mon and join me each week!

Today’s easy-to-do recycling tip is one you can put to use immediately!  It will surely help fly-away plastic bags that make such an ugly mess if they’re strewn about on streets, in parks and waterways, and so on.  (I recently learned that HORSES and other farm animals are VERY susceptible to the dangers of ingesting plastic bags which can literally kill them. I had not heard of that before – did you?)

Anyway, this tip will work if your city’s recycling program allows you to put plastic bags in your weekly or bi-weekly collection bins, OR if you take your plastic bags to several stores (Kroger, Walmart, Target, Kohls, etc.).  Once the plastic bags are collected at these stores, they are shipped to their recycling facilities where they are compressed, baled, and then sold to companies that use the plastic bags to make fence posts and many other durable home-improvement products.  

TIP: Simply “knot”your plastic bags as many times as you can before putting them in your collection bin or taking them to a store that accepts them.  Easy Peasy!!!

I use many StampinUp products and am a demonstrator with the company. If you would like to order a product that I mention in my craft ideas, please go to, then click on “My Demonstrator”. Type my name in the space provided, Casey Eckert, AND the state (Texas). Then add the item(s) you’d like to order in the “Shop Now” box and follow the prompts. If you have any questions, just contact me.