Themed Parties

Let's have a one-of-a-kind party!

Pick a theme for a birthday party, back-to-school party, engagement party, or a general “Save the Earth” party!  You provide the dessert/napkins/cups, and I will teach the guest of honor and his/her guests how to make eco-friendly favors, games, and take-home, personalized gifts.

In addition, at a separate cost, I would be delighted to make a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, custom, personalized greeting card for the party honoree.  

Party Package

- Minimum of 10 people, maximum 20

- Location needs to be provided (in Collin County, TX cities only - at no cost to me)

- Length of party: 2 hours

- All materials, tools, supplies will be supplied

- $20 per person

Other Eco-Friendly Party Themes

- Harry Potter - Muggle Magic
- Mickey/Minnie Mouse - Mouse Power
- Princess - Sparkles
- Butterflies - Flutters
- Pirates - Aaarrghh, Matey
- Pets - Unconditional Love
- School - "Ace" a Good Time
- Monsters Galore
- Thanksgiving - Giving Thanks
- Christmas - Merry & Bright
- Sweet 16 - nostalgic traditions
- and many more!


Cost per person: $20.00

A deposit of $100 is required once the date/time is confirmed. No refund will be given unless the party is cancelled 4 days or more before the event.

The balance of the party fee is due and payable the day of the party.


I have the most amazing network of friends and support. My good friend Casey made a button and magnets with my son's photo. She also made handmade postcards for me as well. I have ordered 50.

Casey owns Earth Inspired Crafts & Education. She is GREEN and everything she makes is repurposed from its original purpose. Casey also teaches classes for small groups.

Jill E.

Casey is an excellent, enthusiastic, and entertaining speaker who brings to life relative and education material in such a way that the kids can completely understand. She is very animated and fun during her presentation so the kids remain completely engaged and excited to the very end. The kids leave so eager to share the info with their family and friends, and I know for a fact that the kids change their own lifestyle after hearing her presentation on litter and the effects it has on our earth, our animals, and our water and food. Huge impact on the kids - they cling to every word! The visuals Casey brings with her are incredible! She certainly knows how to capture her audience and educate them at the same time.

Skaggs Elementary

Ms. Eckert was expert in knowledge and delivered in a very coherent and persuasive case on the evils of littering. She captured the students' attention from the beginning and never lost their interest in her cause. No changes should be made to the process. Props were great in highlighting key points.

Plano East High School

The students were very engaged and learned a lot. I plan to have Casey come back....excellent job...thank you!

Frankford Middle School

It was very informative and students reacted in positive way. We received many feedback (statements) from students.

Schimelpfenig Middle School

Casey was great. Held the children's attention. Talked about litter and what to do with it - recycle, throw it away - where is away? Talked about what items can be made when you recycle items. Great story!

St. Andrew CWP

Presenter was polite and calm with the children, a great role model for living "green". Very animated during the story and captured the audience! Awesome props!

Andrews Elementary

The presenter had a natural ability to communicate and work with children. She had everyone's attention.

Merryhill School of Plano

Casey was SO enthusiastic and engaging - the kids had an awesome time.

Daffron Elementary

The kids were extremely interested in all that was said! Interesting topics were covered that the kids never heard before!

Shepard Elementary

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