Card Bursts

Would you like to make a family member, friend, or colleague feel EXTRA special? Then a unique, hand-crafted “card burst” will make that happen!


I can make any theme or holiday of your choosing: birthday, wedding, baby, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, sports, dance, Mother’s Day, and much more.

Size of Card Burst

A “card burst” folds flat (almost!), and can be mailed in a 6 x 9 inch bubble mailer. When the recipient opens it, the card “bursts open” to reveal delightful pictures with or without sayings.

If you wish, you can tuck a surprise inside the box (gift card, small candy bar, earrings, etc.) for a complete card and gift surprise!


Cost per card burst: $35.00
Postage, shipping, and handling: $2.50

Because “card bursts” are individually created by hand (and take 4 to 4½ hours to make), no two are ever exactly the same. They are very unique!

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